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Changing Guitar Strings

The Correct Procedure For Changing The Strings On Your Guitar


1) Remove the old guitar strings (one at a time). It is best to change one guitar string at a time as it cuts down on the number of adjustments that need to be made later.


2) Make sure you cut the old string winding off so you don’t damage or scratch your guitar when removing the old string from the bridge area.


3) Insert the new guitar string through the tailpiece or the tremolo block.


4) Remember to pull the string all the way through the tremolo/tailpiece. You should also keep it as tight as you can when you measure the length of the string at the tuner.


5) The professionals find the correct string length to get the proper number of wraps around the tuner: hold the guitar string with the fingers of your left hand – right at the tuner.


6) Hold the string at the fifth fret with your right hand. Pull the string up into your palm, keeping the string between your middle and index fingers. Remember to let the string slide through your left fingers.


7) Make a 90 degree bend in the string where your left hand has marked the spot.


8) Place the string through the tuner and start tuning it up. As you tighten, make sure you keep tension on the guitar string. This will help stretch the strings as well as keep it seated in the nut.


9) Make sure you have three wraps around the post.



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